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Your smile is one of your most important assets as it says so much about you. When you have a beautiful smile, you naturally feel confident and show it more often and comfortably. Your smile helps you make a memorable impression on others.

A perfect smile can really change your life – professionally, personally and socially.

You can have a beautiful smile

Today’s advances in modern dentistry means you can have a natural, fresh and even smile.

With cosmetic dentistry, anything can be achieved. There are a range of options available to help you have a beautiful smile – all of which are safe, effective and often, much simpler than imagined, with only a few visits required.

Cosmetic dentistry can address the following:

  • teeth can be dramatically whitened in just one hour or straightened without braces  

  • spaces between teeth can be closed  

  • dark silver fillings can be replaced with natural white restorations  

  • chipped or mis-shaped teeth can be corrected to become straight and even  


The type of cosmetic procedure depends on your current dental health, your goals and ultimately, the outcome you desire. 

The cosmetic consultation

The first step to a beautiful smile is a comprehensive cosmetic consultation.

At this visit, a thorough assessment of your dental health is undertaken and your goals and the outcomes you desire discussed.

We encourage your questions and input from beginning to end and take the time to understand every aspect of the end result you desire.

There are a range of procedures and aesthetic materials available to enhance the appearance of your smile, as well as to restore your teeth to their strongest and healthiest state. These include:


Instant smile makeover