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At Mosman Smiles, we specialise in gentle and painfree dentistry. We take a specialised approach to caring for patients who are anxious or phobic about dental visits.


It is important to recognise that dental anxiety is not unusual.


Dental anxiety can range from feeling slightly apprehensive about going to the dentist, through to dental phobia which involves varying degrees of fear or dread about having dental treatment. The consequence of fearing dental visits is a catch-22. By avoiding regular visits, problems start to develop and require more complicated treatment to resolve. As time passes, problems can worsen and can cause pain, broken teeth, gum problems, or can negatively affect the appearance of one’s teeth.


Help is at hand


If you feel nervous about dental treatment or suffer from dental anxiety or phobia, it is important to know that dentistry need not be feared, nor painful – and not all dentists are the same, so in the right hands, a past negative experience need never be repeated. Our approach is to use different techniques to help you feel less anxious or nervous about your dental visit.


At Mosman Smiles, we take the time to answer all your questions and understand your concerns so that we can focus on ensuring each aspect is addressed. By explaining (in layman’s terms) each step of the treatment, you will know exactly what to expect and why.


Tell us about your concerns


To help us ensure your experience is a positive and comfortable one, it is important to find out what your concerns are when it comes to visiting the dentist. This way, we can work with you to best overcome these.


Following is a checklist of common ‘symptoms’ associated with dental anxiety and a 'wishlist' of aspects to improve your dental experience. Let us know if any of the following apply to you:


(a) I feel tense or have trouble sleeping the night before going to the dentist

(b) I get increasingly nervous in the waiting room

(c) I get anxious when I see dental instruments

(d) The thought of a dental visit makes me feel physically ill

(e) I panic or find it difficult to breathe when objects are placed in my mouth during treatment 

(f)  I dislike the smell or sounds of a dental practice

(g) I fear injections 

(h) I fear pain or the thought of pain

(i)  I am embarrassed about the condition of my mouth and worry about what will be said 

(j)  I feel helpless and a sense of loss of control when I’m in the chair

(k) I had a bad experience previously which has caused my fear of dental visits


Dental visit wishlist


Would any of the following make you more comfortable about your dental visit?


  • A painless injection and painless treatment 

  • A pleasant (non-dental) smelling environment  

  • Having the ability to watch dvds during your appointment  

  • Being able to listen to music on earphones during your appointment  

  • Being able to be in control during the appointment  

  • Being able to meet the dentist and have a chat before your first appointment  

  • Having someone hold your hand during the appointment  

  • Treatment which is as gentle and comfortable as possible  

  • Being able to have a consultation only at the first appointment to talk about your concerns and go through your questions  

Contact us


If you are anxious about dental treatment, call us so we can understand and help you with your concerns and ensure that you have a completely gentle and positive experience.