Painfree dentistry


At Mosman Smiles, we specialise in gentle, painfree dentistry.


If anxiety or fear about dentistry has prevented you from having the perfect, healthy smile you’ve always wanted, rest assured, help is at hand at Mosman Smiles, the most awarded dental practice on the North Shore. 


With Dr Saar Yizhaki’s multi-award winning expertise, every aspect of dentistry is as painless and comfortable as possible.


As we have extensive experience in painfree dentistry, we have specialised expertise in caring for patients with mild nervousness or anxiety and fear about dental treatment through to dental phobia. We will take the time to fully understand all your concerns and fears and use our expertise to help you manage and overcome these.


We have a unique approach to ensuring every aspect of your visit is relaxed and calm as possible and use the latest technology and techniques available to support our painfree approach to dentistry, including a range of safe and proven sedation options (such as sleep dentistry).


At Mosman Smiles, our goal is to ensure you always have a positive, relaxed, comfortable and confident experience.


Gentle, painfree and relaxing dentistry


We specialise in looking after nervous or anxious patients.


We start with a comfortable environment, so from the minute a patient walks in, they feel at ease with the soothing music and luxurious aromatherapy. In the chair, patients can watch DVDs or put on earphones and listen to music.


Dr Saar Yizhaki - specialised approach to gentle dentistry


When it comes to the dental treatment itself, you will instantly experience how Dr Yizhaki is different from other dentists. Dr Yizhaki is naturally gentle, takes the time to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease and uses specialised techniques to ensure all treatment is performed with as little discomfort possible.


Painless injections - a reality and indeed possible!

Dr Yizhaki is particularly renowned for his specialised injection technique which is remarkably painfree. Thanks to the skill of Dr Yizhaki, time and again, patients (including children) comment in disbelief about not feeling the needle at all. By taking the fear out of needles, which is usually a patient's number one concern, they are instantly transformed into confident individuals who are motivated about maintaining optimum dental health.


Our patients repeatedly comment about having their best ever dental experience thanks to us and we are extremely proud of these compliments. In fact, our specialised approach has led to Dr Yizhaki becoming not only the most awarded dentist in Mosman, but on the North Shore.


If you’re nervous about dental visits – we understand and can help

We understand that people, for a number of reasons, can feel nervous or even phobic about receiving dental treatment. Whether it’s because of a negative childhood experience, anxiety about having injections or experiencing pain, our goal is to identify your concerns and to use our expertise to address these.


We will work with you to ensure you feel entirely comfortable and confident and know exactly what to expect and why.


At Mosman Smiles, we want you to only have a positive, comfortable dental experience.


A little extra help – sedation options

In addition to Dr Yizhaki’s specialised painfree dentistry techniques, we provide a range of common sedation options to suit your needs. This includes nitrous oxide (happy or laughing gas), oral sedation (taking a tablet similar to Valium) and sleep dentistry (pain-relieving and sedative medications intravenously administered). 


All these options will enable you to feel calm and relaxed about receiving treatment as well as during the procedure, however they each offer different degrees of sedation.


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If you are anxious about dental treatment, call us on 9969 5933 so we can understand and help you with your concerns and ensure that you have a completely gentle, pain-free and positive experience.