Sleep dentistry - sleep through your treatment


At Mosman Smiles, our practice specialises in caring for anxious and phobic patients with specialised painfree dentistry techniques. To support our focus on painfree dentistry, we offer sleep dentistry on-site at our practice.

Sleep dentistry, also known as intravenous (IV) sedation, twilight or conscious sedation, uses a combination of pain-relieving and sedative medications so you experience a completely relaxed, calm and deep dream-like state during your entire appointment as you undergo dental treatment.

Is sleep dentistry for me? 


Sleep dentistry will be extremely beneficial if you:


  • have a fear or anxiety about injections/needles  

  • have had traumatic dental experiences previously (including negative childhood or recent experiences)  

  • have a strong gag-reflex and gag easily  

  • have a low-pain threshold  

  • find dental treatment to be boring, tedious or worrying  

  • dislike the smells, noises or tastes associated with dental treatment  

  • are time-poor and prefer to have treatment completed as quickly as possible in a longer session  

  • find it difficult to keep your mouth open or have jaw problems  

  • feel embarrassed about the condition of your teeth  

  • have very sensitive teeth or gums  

  • find it difficult to become fully numb for treatment

  • are nervous, anxious or phobic about any aspect of dental treatment

Why should I have sleep dentistry?

With sleep dentistry, when you wake up, your dental treatment will all be completed and you will have no memory at of the procedure, the noises, smells, drilling or injection.

As we specialise in painfree dentistry, in any case, you will not experience any pain or discomfort during your treatment.

In fact, you will wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed, as though you’ve had a very satisfying deep sleep and it will seem as though very little time has actually passed by. 

Sleep dentistry is especially effective if you require extensive or lengthy treatment as you can complete all the treatment comfortably and painlessly in one appointment, rather than over multiple visits. 

Whether it’s a fear or anxiety about any aspect of dentistry that has prevented you from having dental treatment or your life has just been so busy you’ve put off having treatment, sleep dentistry means you can have the healthy, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, without any worry or anxiety. 

Sleep dentistry is used for:

  • general and preventive treatment to ensure optimum dental health  

  • restorative treatment or oral surgery to restore the health of a mouth  

  • cosmetic and implant procedures to create the perfect smile 

Any aspect of dentistry can be painlessly and comfortably completed using sleep dentistry.

How does sleep dentistry work? 
Sleep dentistry is extremely safe when performed by a trained and experienced specialist. It is carried out on-site at our practice so you don’t need to go to hospital.

The sedative and pain-relieving medications are administered intravenously through a very small plastic tube (which is inserted using a very fine needle through a vein, generally on the back of your hand). You will be connected to various monitoring devices throughout the whole procedure to closely track your pulse and oxygen levels.

The effects of the medication will take place very rapidly and the dosage and level of sedation will be tailored to meet an individual's needs.

Difference between sleep dentistry and general anaesthetic 
With sleep dentistry, you are not ‘under’ or ‘knocked out’ like with general anaesthetic. 

You are actually fully conscious and able to respond to instructions (such as ‘open wider’ or ‘close’). You are completely cooperative and have all your reflexes so you can breathe on your own (without tubes down your throat as with general anaesthetic).

However, you are fully relaxed, unaware of your surroundings or any activity taking place and feel completely calm and at ease.

Local anaesthetic is still used (once you are sedated) so that you will not experience any discomfort or pain during the treatment. 

What you need to know about sleep dentistry 
Before your sleep dentistry appointment, we will go through in detail the pre/post-appointment instructions to fully prepare you. All your questions will be fully answered and all aspects (including side-effects and risks) will be explained to you.

Once you wake up from sleep dentistry, a responsible person will need to drive you home and accompany you for the rest of the day, while you rest. 

I’m interested in having sleep dentistry 
If you are interested in sleep dentistry, please contact us so we can discuss the procedure with you, the dental treatment required, length of the appointment and answer any questions you may have.

Sleep dentistry is an extremely effective way to have dental treatment completed while you are fully relaxed, calm and experience no discomfort. 

Contact us to see how we can help you with your concerns and use sleep dentistry to achieve your treatment goals.