Your first visit


As we have extensive experience in painfree dentistry, we recognise the different emotions people may have about visiting the dentist. Our team have specialised expertise in caring for patients with mild nervousness or anxiety and fear about dental treatment through to dental phobia. We will provide you with attentive care to ensure you are completely relaxed and comfortable during your appointment. From the minute you arrive, we will take the time to:


  • fully understand your objectives

  • provide thorough explanations and answer any questions you may have

  • identify your concerns and use our expertise to help you manage and overcome these.


At your first visit, we will thoroughly check your teeth and gums and focus particularly on any areas of concern you may have. Digital xrays may be used to provide additional diagnostic information so that we can form a comprehensive overview of your dental health.

We will explain the findings in a simple, clear manner and should any treatment be required, give you all options (including fees) so you will have a detailed understanding of your dental health and can choose the best approach for you.


If you're in discomfort or have a dental emergency of any nature, we will do whatever it takes to see you promptly and ensure you are more comfortable. We will explain all your treatment options and give you an exact idea of treatment fees, so that you can make an informed decision at all times.


We are committed to seeing you on time at your appointments and offering you flexible appointment scheduling options to minimise return visits.